Welcome to Amare La Casa

Specialising in the construction and installation of wall mounted wardrobes, Amare La Casa is your top choice when it comes to customized wardrobe products. With an accumulated total of more than a decade’s experience, Amare La Casa’s team of wardrobe consultants have the necessary knowledge, skill set and insight when it comes to creating and installing custom made wardrobe designs.

The inherent advantage you get when your wardrobe design Singapore is wall mounted means you will be able to utilize double the storage space when compared to traditional wardrobe designs. Our professional team of interior designers will personally come down to your house to take a look at the desired location of your wardrobe and customize our designs accordingly to fully make use of the desired space.

Our design consultants will also make the effort and come down with the interior design team. The design teams know the entire catalogue of existing wardrobe designs like the back of their hand and will be able to effectively advise you on the kinds of colours and aesthetic design features that might match your existing household’s design.

Client satisfaction is one of the core tenets of our firm and we will only start installation of the wall-mounted wardrobe only when you give us the go-ahead. Only when you are completely happy with the chosen choice of design will we proceed to the next stage of construction.

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