No living space is complete without a wardrobe system. A key staple for nearly all households in Singapore, a wardrobe system helps one store one’s belongings. In Singapore where space is scarce, it is tantamount to invest in a smart storage system that leverages space-saving technologies in order to maximize one’s living space.

If you are looking for built-in wardrobes with smart designs, walk-in wardrobes, or sliding wardrobes, Amare La Casa is the wardrobe specialist here to serve you.

Based in Singapore, Amare provides a wide selection of storage systems from built-in wardrobes to sliding wardrobes at affordable prices. All products are catered towards helping you save space.

Find out more about our solutions in Singapore by reading on.

How to Choose the Right System that Suits Your Lifestyle

There are various ways to store your belongings, but what is the best system for your lifestyle?

We have a quick guide to help you decide.

1) Use a built-in wardrobe design if… you use the room for more than one purpose. If you use a designated room for a variety of activities like studying, sleeping and even home fitness, you might want to use a built-in wardrobe with space-saving designs to maximize the space in the room.

2) Opt for a sliding wardrobe if… you enjoy modern interior design. Functionally, a sliding wardrobe excels at saving space. Aesthetically, it glams up any living area in Singapore.

3) Install a walk-in wardrobe if…. you have ample room. Blank spaces tend to look a bit awkward. Why not put the space to good use by incorporating a walk-in wardrobe?

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