Walk-in Wardrobe


Amare La Casa’s wardrobes are tailor-made to fit the client’s needs and requirements. Both Amare’s wall-mounted wardrobe and walk-in wardrobe have consistently been winners of the Design Award and are highly suitable for wall-to-wall or corner-return installations.


When you install our walk-in wardrobe in Singapore, you can expect to acquire one that is created from only the finest quality materials and components, such as aluminum. Our walk-in wardrobe can also be fitted to most household situations and ceiling heights of up to three meters, essentially doubling the storage space when compared to a conventional walk-in or wall-mounted wardrobe design.

TEN good reasons why you should install Amare Wardrobes in your home today:

1. Experienced, professional and specialist design team on hand to consult on installation and design
2.Tailored and designed to meet individual needs
3. Contemporary finishing, elegant and aesthetic looks with a multitude of colours to match existing interior decor
4. Fashionable and flexible design to meet future requirements
5. Fully adjustable shelves for easy stacking and storage
6. Aluminum hanging poles
7. Optional extras such as jewellery drawers, trouser racks, shoe cabinets etc. are available add-ons
8. Single day installation
9. Quality workmanship
10. Affordable prices that won’t rip you off


Panel Variety

Our walk-in and wall-mounted wardrobes come with a selection of panels such as clear or tinted anti-shatter glass materials along with a wide range of wood grain or vinyl finishing. For those who do not find a panel suited to their tastes, plain panels suitable for wallpapers and painting are also available at our company in Singapore.

Modern Contoured Cushioning

Matching infill buffer with grip stile eliminates metal-to-metal contact and gives Amare La Casa’s Wardrobe a smooth, contoured appearance.


Sliding wardrobe doors are glazed to comply with the requirements of Standards AS 1288 and AS 2208.

Design Flexibility

Amare La Casa’s range of wardrobes feature inherent design flexibility in that they can be catered for wall to wall installations, corner return installations as well as walk-in wardrobe designs in Singapore.

Exceptional Value

Premium wardrobe designs at incredibly affordable prices.

Product Guarantee

10 years warranty excluding wear and tear.