Wall System Wardrobe

5ft for $1500 wholesale>

$300 per ft run - Includes custom internal configuration, 2.4 metre high sliding doors, and side panel up to 60cm.

Additional Items

  • Side panel 60cm onward @$100 p/ft/run
  • 3mm backing $30 per ft run
  • 15mm backing $50 per ft run
  • Installation $80


  • Organiser $80
  • Tie rack $80
  • Mirror casement $180

Extended Space

Wall system wardrobe uses your wall, floor and ceiling as the backing to fully utilise the space you have

Movable Built-in

Wall system wardrobe is able to relocate as it is built to last for long term use and flexibility

Product Guarantee

Wall system wardrobe includes a 10 year written guarantee to ensure quality of our products

Flexible Fixtures

Wall system wardrobe comes with many design choice and colors to choose from, with the help of professional designers