Pole System Wardrobe Singapore

5ft for $1650 wholesale

$330 per ft run - includes custom internal configuration 2.4 metre high sliding doors side panel up to 60cm

Additional Items

  • Side panel $100 per ft run
  • 3mm backing $30 per ft run
  • 15mm backing $50 per ft run
  • Installation $80


  • Organiser $80
  • Tie rack $80
  • Mirror casement $180

Extended Space

Pole system wardrobe uses your wall, floor and ceiling as the backing to fully utilise the space you have

Movable Built-in

Pole system wardrobe is able to relocate as it is built to last for long term use and flexibility

Product Guarantee

Pole system wardrobe includes a 10 year written guarantee to ensure quality of our products

Flexible Fixtures

Pole system wardrobe fixtures are movable and interchangable, with different designs and colours, advised by professional designers

Pole System Wardrobes: A Solution for Homes in Land-Scarce Singapore

The luxury of space is what most Singaporeans yearn for but are short off. Then again, not all hope is lost! With smart storage systems, one could easily transform a tight space into a functionally spacious one with the help of efficient storage systems.

In particular, pole system wardrobes have been growing in popularity for its functionality in homes as well as retail stores.

But what are pole system wardrobes and how do they help maximize space for homes in Singapore? Read on to find out!

Pole System Wardrobes Explained

Versatile and modular, these wardrobe systems make use of proper space planning and special design concepts to display your items whilst maximizing horizontal space by making use of smart storage spaces as well as vertical space. Most pole system wardrobes incorporate adjustable heights for shelves and hangers to suit all personal preferences. It keeps a bedroom looking organized and incorporates a combination of fixtures, furniture and fittings tailored to fit snuggly in your living space.

Furthermore, its open-concept makes it convenient for individuals to store their belongings and access their items. It can be included in retail or residential space in Singapore from HDBs, landed properties and even stores.

Choose Amare La Casa

If you are looking for pole system wardrobes to incorporate into your space, look no further than Amare La Casa, a leading wardrobe specialist in Singapore to handle the job for you. Our design consultants will ensure our designs meet your expectations and needs.