Kitchen Cabinet Singapore


  • 20ft Carcass @ $90/ft (WS-112 or WS-113)  $1,800
  • 8ft Top @ $130/ft (iQuartz i-Series)  $1,040
  • 12pcs Glass With Frame @ $120/pc $1,440
  • Installation & Transportation Fee within Singapore @ $120

Description of Package A Door:

The ever-popular kitchen cabinet series which would adapt to most households in Singapore. It will always be in trend and is here to stay.


  • 20ft Carcass @ $90/ft (WS-112 or WS-113) $1,800
  • 8ft Top @ $130/ft (iQuartz i-Series) $1,040
  • 12pcs Paint Colour With Frameless @ $180/pc  $2,160
  • Installation & Transportation Fee within Singapore @ $120

Description of Package B Door:

The sleekness and slanted angle provide easy grip with the classic and stylish design. It always stays in the top range series.


  • 20ft Carcass @ $90/ft (WS-112 or WS-113) $1,800
  • 8ft Top @ $130/ft (iQuartz i-Series) $1,040
  • 12pcs Panelyx With iHandle @ $200/pc $2,400
  • Installation & Transportation Fee within Singapore @ $120

Description of Package C Door:

The word PANELYX is derived from two words; “PANEL” and “LYX”

The definition of the word PANEL is “A flat or curved component; typically rectangular that forms or is set into the surface of a door, wall or ceiling” by Google Dictionary.

Therefore the combination of both words gives meaning to the word PANELYX which simply means “Luxury Panels”.

Innovative Custom Made Cabinet in Singapore

In today’s world, space is becoming an increasingly rare and precious commodity around the house. And this is especially the case in when it comes to your kitchen spaces — no matter how big your kitchen is, it never quite feels big enough to store all the food, groceries, kitchenware and equipment that you have.

That’s where our kitchen cabinets come in. At Amare La Casa, we are the experts when it comes to kitchen cabinet carpentry in Singapore, with many years of experience delivering the perfect kitchen storage solutions and cabinets for homes throughout Singapore. Whether you have a large or a small kitchen, we will have the right solution for you — so browse through our wide range of custom made cabinet selections and more in Singapore to find the perfect solution for you.

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