Open Wardrobe


Solve Your Need For An Open Wardrobe In Singapore


Open wardrobes can do so much for your home in Singapore than just serving as another storage solution. Here are some of the essential needs a built-in doorless wardrobe can fulfil for you.

Your Need For Organisation

The appeal of an open wardrobe is simple for any homeowner. In land-scarce Singapore, being able to save every square footage in your home has become a rare asset today. An open wardrobe presents an opportunity for you to make full use of an empty or underutilised corner in your home. You’ll be able to tap on double the storage space through this smart solution. With this extra capacity in your room, you’ll finally be able to purchase the new clothes and accessories you deserve — no more worries about or headaches about how to re-organise all of your belongings.

Your Need For Personal Space At An Affordable Price

An open wardrobe has the luxury and draw of having your own private space in Singapore. Functioning as your very own private space, start your day right by browsing your full wardrobe at one glance. Save time picking the perfect work outfit, or clock some quality personal grooming time.
Most customised wardrobes come with an unrealistic price tag. But here at Amare La Casa, we believe in making affordable open wardrobes in Singapore, so you can pamper yourself with additional storage without breaking the bank.
On top of this, we make it a point to visit your home for a truly customised space solution. Your personal preferences, everyday habits and lifestyle will help our experts build the wardrobe around you and your household.

Amare La Casa, The Best Choice For Sprucing Up Your Home

With more than a decade of experience in designing open wardrobes in Singapore, you’re in reliable hands. You can expect a quick one-day-only installation, and a 10-year product warranty, making your purchase with us completely risk-free. If you’re interested in finding out more, view our full gallery of wardrobes today!