About Us

About Us

Amare La Casa specializes in custom-made, manufactured wall-mounted wardrobes. Established from a decade of interior decoration and interior design expertise of Amare La Casa’s directors, Amare La Casa in recent years diversify its business to concentrate on the distribution and installation of Amare Wardrobes.

With a personal flair for the aesthetic and huge storage space for the wardrobes in their homes, the directors of Amare La Casa discovered that wall mounted, frame constructed wardrobes will meet customers’ requirements for spacious wardrobes.

As manufacturers, distributors and importers and exporters of Amare Wardrobes, you can be assured of the best quality and double the storage space in all Amare Wardrobes manufactured.
Wardrobes express the fashion statement and wardrobes personify the individual as unique, it is important that there is enough wardrobe space to do so.

Wardrobes should appeal as elegantly aesthetic and also blend well with the interior décor of the rooms in the home.

Leveraging on their expertise and extensive experience in the interior décor industry, Amare La Casa is poised to impact your fashion statement in your life and your family with Amare Wardrobes.

Our design consultants will also make the effort and come down with the interior design team. The design teams know the entire catalog of existing wardrobe designs like the back of their hand and will be able to effectively advise you on the kinds of colors and aesthetic design features that might match your existing household’s design.

Client satisfaction is one of the core tenets of our firm and we will only start the installation of the wall-mounted wardrobe only when you give us the go-ahead. Only when you are completely happy with the chosen choice of design will we proceed to the next stage of construction.

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